Best VPN for PUBG Lite & PUBG game in 2021 on Android and PC

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds also known as PUBG which is a Free to play multiplayer action game available for all devices from Mobile to Xbox. Recently PUBG has crossed 70 Million + active users on their platform and the gamers are really crazy after this Game. But the game is currently banned in India, hence the requirement for the best VPN for PUBG Lite game.

As PUBG Game consumes a good amount of RAM while playing this game on a medium phone, PUBG Lite comes in the Google play store where every device user can play this game. So, Enchantrixto shares with you 6 Unique Options of VPN for PUBG Lite to play the game smoothly.

While PUBG Mobile & PUBG Lite mobile games are growing crazily and most of the users are getting attracted towards this game. So, this PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite has been labelled as a “dangerous” and “addictive” game. But with its ban in India, you must know about the best VPN for PUBG Lite below.

PUBG Lite & PUBG Game Banned in India 2020

Before knowing about a vpn for PUBG lite, it is important to know why it is required. During the COVID-19 Scenario, Indian government banned all the Chinese apps and games from the google play store. As PUBG mobile belongs to the Chinese company called Tencent Games, along with 267 Chinese apps PUBG Mobile was also banned in India 2020.

PUBG official team had announced that they will come back with the Indian version of the game soon. But the question is how all the existing users are playing this game on their smartphone and the answer is pretty simple ~ “VPN for PUBG Lite”.

Best VPN for PUBG Lite: What is VPN and How VPN Works?

Virtual Private Network widely known for VPN. A VPN for PUBG Lite is a connection that establishes a secure connection between the Internet and you via VPN. If you are surfing on the Web, all your data routed through your mobile network or Wi Fi network by using a secured VPN for PUBG lite. All the traffic is routed through a secured encrypted virtual tunnel. 

VPN Servers in India are used to hide the user’s device location and help the user to visit the restricted website or mobile application. A Free VPN does not secure all the information, which is collected from you, a user. But when talking about a PAID VPN which provides a best secured way to surf the internet.

Let’s take an example if you want to access some internet things but your operator blocked your network for accessing that website anywhere from the world, but it was free to access from India, there are several VPN servers in India to provide the secured connection and give the access for surfing that website.

Now if your PUBG game is not running in India but it gives access from other countries, use applications that are providing VPN PUBG as well as best gaming VPN Servers in India.

Best VPN for PUBG Mobile, VPN for PUBG Lite – FREE or PAID

What is the best VPN for PUBG Lite? Is it necessary to use the best VPN for PUBG Mobile and are all of these Free or Paid? Well, let me explain! If you are using a Free VPN, you are getting features like Disguise IP Address, Surf restricted website. But, in Free VPN, they are not providing any kind of data safety or data privacy for using that application. 

If you subscribe to a VPN for PUBG Lite, you would get a better internet surfing experience, better data protection layer and most important thing you can save yourself from being tracked which is the most important keynote. 

So, if you want to use VPN for PUBG Lite, you should go with the paid gaming VPN server for better gaming performance and a superior experience for your gaming journey. Few things you do not have to worry about:

  • Browsing or surfing speed.
  • Data limits.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Being tracked or privacy settings
  • Uncertain Pinging during playing games.

6 Best VPN for PUBG Lite & PUBG game in 2021

Here, we have offered you 6 best VPN for PUBG Lite to enjoy the game in India smoothly. Check the list below.

  • Nord VPN – #1 Recommendation by performance
  • AdGuard VPN – Easy to connect 
  • HMA VPN – Affordable price
  • Pure VPN – Suitable for all gamers
  • Express VPN – Mostly used as Business VPN
  • Surf Shark  – Alternative of AdGuard VPN

Best VPN for PUBG Mobile: NordVPN Review

NordVPN is the most used and #1 Recommended VPN for PUBG Lite out of the lot. Nord VPN provides the best servers in India as well as other countries. Nord VPN provides VPN services from over 5600 Servers in 59 Countries and it will be the best VPN for PUBG game as well as PUBG lite game. 

When we are talking about gaming-related performance, Nord VPN comes in the first place for providing Fastest browsing capabilities, minimum ping under 40ms ping consistently under 100Mbps plan, surfing using India & India’s nearby countries as well. 

Nord VPN uses high-quality VPN servers in India. So, while playing PUBG related multiplayer games, it provides the lag-free experiences which are better for using than other VPN for PUBG Lite. Besides this, the Security, privacy policy and customer support experience are the top-notch quality. 

Plans & Pricing of Nord VPN:

Nord VPN comes with the Free subscription as well as a Paid subscription for using this VPN for gaming. The Free version of NordVPN also provides an ad-free experience and easily connects to the limited server. But, in a paid subscription, you will get better performance, lowest ping, consistent speed. 

Membership plan starts from $3.71 per month if you billed for two years and at the offer period you will get a 2-years subscription at $89.00. Consider this VPN for your best VPN for PUBG Lite as well as Best VPN for PC.

Official Website:

Best VPN for PUBG Mobile: AdGuard VPN Review

AdGuard VPN is another mostly used VPN for PUBG Lite. AdGuard VPN not only used as a VPN but also is used as an adblocker application. AdGuard VPN provides strong encryption, the fastest connection from overall 43 worldwide locations. Besides playing games AdGuard VPN can be the best  VPN for PC or business-related activities on Mac, Laptop.

AdGuard is available on all the platforms. It provides the secured connection, Minimum ping 60 ~ 80 pings.  

Pricing of AdGuard VPN:

AdGuard VPN has offered 3GB Free bandwidth and zero lagging policy in their Free Plane and this application is available on Google Play store, apple store and compatible with every browser.

If you want to purchase their paid plan which offers you unlimited access to VPN, it charges for $2.99/Month for a yearly subscription and $5.99/Month for Monthly subscription. Currently, it is offered at $35.94 for one-year (after 50% discount coupon – ADGUARDVPN)

Official Website of AdGuard VPN:

HMA VPN Review

“Hide My Ass” was formerly known as a HMA VPN. This is another fastest and secured Gaming VPN server in India. This VPN for PUBG Lite is a part of Avast Family who is known for internet security solutions. The Head quarter of this HMA VPN is the UK but it provides global coverage of 190 countries and lagging-free experience.

If you are looking for a budget friend, best VPN for PUBG Lite, go for this HMA VPN which is secured, fastest VPN after NordVPN. It has 400 Million+ active users worldwide. While playing any multiplayer game, it is necessary to need a better speed or lagging free experience and HMA VPN is providing the best solution.

When we are talking about security and privacy policy, it is important for checking a secured connection while connecting to an unknown server. HMA VPN offers an encrypted subscription along with this price plan which is the most important concern.

Plans and Pricing of HMA VPN:

HMA offers an affordable price plan at Rs 139/Month which is less than the NordVPN. As per our list, this gaming VPN server provides a cheaper costing with superior security, privacy, and Fastest Network. The important fact is that it allows to extend up to unlimited users subscription in a single plan. It allows up to 5 users to log in simultaneously.

If you are planning for a lifetime, you will get this HMA VPN at a one-time price of Rs. 5,004.00 which will be the most preferred plan than other VPN PUBG providers. If you buy this VPN today, you will get this VPN at Rs. 2,844.00 for 36-months.

Official website of HMA VPN:

VPN for PC: PURE VPN Review

Pure VPN is another best VPN for PUBG Mobile game from our list of the best VPNs. This Pure VPN operates the secured and managed VPN services coordination of 6500+ servers in 140+ countries worldwide. Pure VPN transmitted data through encrypted way so that no one can easily trace about the searches by the user. 

PURE VPN should be the best VPN for PUBG Lite or PUBG Games as they are providing the secured and fastest connection during gameplay time. So, the user experience and recommendation by users are exceptionally good.

PURE VPN not only provides best VPN for gamers but also, it provides VPN like Netflix VPN, iOS VPN, Android TV VPN, Firestick TV VPN, and a lot more. Customer support is also another important plus point of the PURE VPN users. 

PURE VPN Allows doing P2P file sharing which allows downloading any files from the torrenting website secured and without being traced or tracked.

Plan and Pricing of PURE VPN:

PURE VPN offers interesting plans and pricing which starts with a 7day trial at $0.99 after 7 days it will charge $69.95 for 1-year subscription. If you want to use this best VPN for PC, this Pure VPN will give you a secured connection while browsing on the internet.

Official Website:

VPN for PUBG Lite: Expressvpn Review

Express VPN is another best gaming VPN server which is widely used for securing devices and VPN for gaming. Express VPN does allow port-forwarding while surfing anything on the web. Express VPN provides the secured, fastest connectivity while connected with the VPN. 

Express VPN is also suitable for gamers who are actively playing games and need a lag-free experience. Express VPN as VPN for PUBG Lite offers decent quality of service. 

During playing games, it provides ~80ms which is pretty much interesting playing games, and it will not be the best but a decent lagging experience that you have to see. 

As PUBG game is a multiplayer game, it needs better performance otherwise it lagged and harmed the gaming experience. In terms of usability express, VPN will be a good VPN for PUBG Lite.

Plan & Pricing of Express VPN:

Express VPN starts their plans from $8.99 per month if you billed yearly and it charges $12.99 per month. It provides the 30-day money-back guarantee, but it does not provide any kind of trial. So, if you want to test this application, you will have to buy it. But what they are offering is quite normal in these plans and pricing term.

Express VPN has 3000+ servers located around the 94 countries so they can easily manage the transmitting data using these 94 countries. As compared to the Nord VPN, HMA VPN, this gaming VPN server is more costly and in terms of performance, it provides the overall performance but not the best.

Official Website:

Surfshark VPN Review

Surfshark VPN is the last but not least collection of VPN tools for PUBG Mobile or gaming VPN applications. Surfshark helps to prevent hacking, malware & phishing, identity theft, ISP tracking, ad manipulation. This Surfshark is easy to use and easily connects VPN Servers in India on the internet. 

Surfshark covers 3200+ servers’ location in 65 countries. This surfshark application is also P2P friendly that means you can download movies or applications from different torrenting websites. 

Surfshark is another alternative to AdGuard VPN because it allows the almost same kind of features and services like AdGuard VPN. Surfshark allows usage of unlimited devices at a time as a VPN for PUBG Lite and with excellent customer support.

Plan & Pricing of Surfshark VPN:

Surfshark VPN for PUBG Lite starts it’s pricing from Rs. 181.89/ Month if you billed yearly (first 24 months it charges Rs. 4365.38 with 30-days money-back guarantee.) and there is a semi-annual plan available from Rs. 474.07/month and Rs. 945.96/month as a monthly plan.

This pricing is pretty much like HMA VPN and affordable than the NORD VPN. You should try this VPN or HMA VPN at this price point along with privacy and security.

Visit official website of Surfshark VPN:

Best VPN for PUBG Lite Game on PC or Mobile: Final Opinion

First of all, thanks for reading this article. In the entire article, we had covered 6 VPN Servers in India which helps to protect our privacy and give access for playing PUBG Games. There are all other applications available on the google play store or any other sources, but we have selected only those applications as a best VPN for PUBG Mobile game based on their performance and their customer feedback. And even we are using NORD VPN for our essential works which helps us well.

As you are looking for a best VPN for PUBG mobile game, you can try AdGuard VPN in the initial stage and select the country as the USA for playing the game. AdGuard VPN offers you to try and install that application, and easily operate your game. Sometimes you might face a lag due to the server load. 

If you are a heavy gamer and spend most time playing games, just go ahead for a Paid VPN for PUBG Lite which allows you to provide a more secured connection and take care of your privacy concern.

Read More-

VPN for PUBG Frequently Used Questions (FUQ)

1) How to use these options of Best VPN for PUBG Mobile?

Just download the best VPN for PUBG Mobile from the Google Play store or official website and install that application on your mobile phone. Just Activate after selecting the Preferred server location. The gaming VPN server will take a few minutes to start after that.

2) Can Free Gaming VPN server allow me to hide my IP address?

Yes! VPN allows masking your IP address. VPN for PC does not hide any IP address even no one cannot hide IP Address. But yes, best VPN for PUBG Mobile will mask using their IP address so your IP cannot be publicly accessible from the web.

3) Are Using VPN servers in India illegal?

No! There are no written notice available on the web where it clearly describes that using VPN servers in India are illegal in India. VPN is built to use secured connection between user to destination web address. So, VPN for PUBG Lite is not illegal in India. Although accessing illegal website is considered as an illegal contempt.

4) Is Using VPN for PUBG Lite completely Safe?

VPN for PUBG Lite is safe for a basic surfing area like you can access the website with out informing the ISP provider about your searching query. But if you want to be try any unusual activity using your VPN PUBG, you can be traced by your VPN for PC provider. They have permission to restore your date on their server. So, what ever you are trying to search or what application do you use using their VPN, they can keep monitoring you. So, don’t be over smart while using this options of VPN for PUBG Mobile.

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