From a decade the meaning of marriage is changing as internet dating brought immense change in human’s mentality. People accepted the change and trusted in blind dates as well.

There are many social application which is available for dating and many people take it in a positive way of getting married. They can easily find people of same mindset and interests, as the saying opposite attracts is no more acceptable whereas couple wants to do the very same activities at the same hour and all reckon for compatibility and understanding partner.

Tinder: It’s not only for flings as survey depicts many people started dating on a serious note and now are happily married, but people are also certainly looking for like-minded partners and they meet those people on social or dating applications.

Couples meet online are the happier. How?

 They meet, when they actually have common interest to talk about and feel attracted to each other in every way, be it looks, wavelength and understanding. It’s the like-minded people who get attracted to each other and are willing to explore every possible thing together.

  • Study says that couple who meet online and eventually gets married are happier and the divorce rate is pretty low then to those who meet offline and even to those who married the love of their life as they already know a lot about each other and have issues to deal with already.
  • Couples who meet online and eventually gets married have fewer arguments to deal with as they explore each other more after marriage. Fights are comparatively less as they fall in love with the distance they deal while talking for hours, they give each other space and act with maturity.

In today’s time, everyone is looking for a partner who can be as similar to him or her.

COMPATIBILITY: The first and foremost key to a successful marriage is compatibility and mostly on online marriage portals they refine the search and get results of similar interest people mentioned in their respective profile. They exactly get those similar mindset people and easy to date and also marriage material. Sites like and are quite popular in India. Also, there are many success stories mentioned by happy couples and they can’t thank enough to these site for making them meet their soul mates, isn’t that beautiful.

MATURITY: Another big aspect of long-lasting marriage is maturity, on mostly all the marriage portals or dating sites majorly the people are of age 30-49 and that’s the game. The maturity level is quite high and they are willing to accept the change and adjustments with their partners. Whereas most of the young couple fail to do so and that’s the reason divorce rate in India has increased. When a person decides to find his partner online, he or she is already mature enough to understand what is right for them which explains their maturity.

HONESTY: What’s the most important thing that every successful relationship has? TRUST and how do we build that? By being honest from the very first conversation.

When you start talking to someone online, you tend to say the truth as you know they won’t judge you and the foundation of a healthy relationship starts from right there. An honest relation goes a way longer way than a relation which is built on lies.

CHOICES: When you make your attractive profile on socials site or any dating site or marriage portals, you get a chance to interact with a lot more people than you can actually meet in person or offline. So mainly out of the available choices, you pick the best partner for yourself from a lot of available options. You get to hold a healthy conversation with people and understand whether they are made for you or no.

 So, if you haven’t met your soulmate yet, time to log in to social dating applications or marriage portals with your details and a nice and attractive picture as survey depiction says couples who meet online leads a  happier married life.


Neha Gandhi


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