The trends of fitness come and go every year but here we are going to tell about the top trends of fitness in 2018, according to the survey which is from the American college of sports medicine that is ACSM’ annual survey published in the journals named as  Health and fitness journals.

For this survey, there is almost 4000 fitness professional including the trainers, exercise physiologist, and other fitness directors to give their thoughts on the trends of the fitness which they think that that fitness trends will be big in the year of 2018.

The ACSM has also distinguished between the trends as well as the fad in their survey. In the survey, the trends were defined as more powerful than the fad which can meet with more enthusiasm as well as it can complete with a short amount of time.

Yes, if you love to do exercise than it really looks like that 2018 is going to be so sweaty. Research always suggests that if you need to be fit then you need to do exercise. During exercise, you need to take a break of 45 to 60 sec when you are alternating the two set of the exercise.

So, now we are going to discuss the top 10 fitness trends of the year 2018 according to the pros so, let’s start.

1) High-intensity interval training

So, HIIT has taken the top spot in this year of survey, let me tell you that this HIIT was in the number one position in the year 2014. The session of HIIT includes many things like the bursts of maximum efforts, hard works as well as periods of the low intensity of recovery. There is rest time that is 20 to 90 sec with the goal that you recover enough to get hard exercise in the next interval. For the beginners, there is a longer rest interval that gives fewer efforts on the exercise.

According to ACSM, the work out of HIIT is almost 30 minutes and it can be sometimes less or more, as the name suggested the HIIT is specially designed for the high intensity and they are really very efficient and effective to get the cardio in as well as burning lots of calories with less amount of time. let me tell you that many of the fitness pros do not love to recommend the HIIT to their clients because it has really the very higher rate of injury but if you want to give it then you can go and try it.

2) Group training

Group training never comes under the top 20 until the year 2017 but the popularity of this is really increasing very rapidly. It is defined as the group training as a workout with five or more peoples which is led by the instructor.

There are many things like boot camps, boxing, cycling are there included in this.

The classes are really designed to teach the people something new and also to motivate the people and it also helps the people to reach the fitness goals rapidly. It is said by the ACSM that when you do any exercise with your friends than it pushes you to do exercise longer as well as harder.

3) Wearable technology

Wearable technology which is also an activity tracker which can count your workout in numbers and it can help you to give feedback on your moving that how you move. it gives the estimation of your steps, sleep, the time of your standing, how much calories you have burned and how much time you have spent in the workout. The wearable technology like the motive ring, Nadi X yoga pants, smart eyeglasses, apple watches helps you to enhance the training and also helps to achieve the goals.

4) Body weight training

The body weight training was really popular for a long time but it becomes popular again in the past several years. This is really great for all the time exercise and it can be done in any place. The exercise like push-ups, squats, planks, lunges and many more can affect your body weight.

5) Strength training

This training is really very strong from the first year of the survey and it is really very important of any fitness routine. It really keeps bones as well as health healthy as well as it also prevents from pain as well as injury in everyday life.

6) Educated certified and experienced fitness professionals

It is really important to take the guide from the people who can teach you effective as well as the safe manner of doing exercise. According to the ACSM, you need the very well trained trainer who has passed a test upon gym safety and know about proper exercise form and well as training guidelines.

7) Yoga

People get very excited for the yoga and it is really very effective for both mental as well as physical health.  If you really want better results even in your room than you really need to works on mobility and this can do done by yoga. it can relieve your stress as well as can boost your mental health and make your heart healthier.

8) Personal training

personal training is really very effective as it is the only way to have both effective as well as individualized workout, personal training can be taken by hiring the personal trainer and you can also search it from online, it is little expensive but it is really very effective and helpful.

9) Fitness program for older adults

It really needs to keeps bones and muscles healthy on every age and when we see in our current generation then older adults are very interested to keep their body healthy. So, in 2018 there are many classed for fitness is designed for those people who have retired from their offices.

10) Functional fitness

Personal fitness replicate all those movements which you really perform in your daily life so that you can feel yourself even in outside to your gym, the way like walking to the stairs, lifting groceries etc are the functional exercise because when you are doing these things then you are moving the whole body like hand, arms, legs as well as core so, it helps to keep your body healthy.

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