Two-wheeler markets are the second largest market in the world. However, in India, the two-wheeler market is extremely unpredictable. This is due to the frequent changing of the customer wishes and taste. With new inventions, the old market is getting pathetically crushed now and then. Over time, many two-wheeler companies have been fighting for their existence. As a matter of fact, the earlier two decades have witnessed incredible growth in the motorcycle market. With the upcoming new trends developing at a faster pace, the future of 125cc scooter in India seems to be very interesting.

The Downfall of Scooter Industry in the 90’s

The study of the scooter market is readily confusing yet amazing. It has seen ups and downs like no other sector. The scooter industry in India displays the level of difficulty that agencies and manufacturers face every day. The designing and plans for a country like India are becoming complicated day by day. Do you know which company began the journey of scooters in India? It’s none other than Bajaj Scooters. Since the inception, scooters in India have been enjoying a sentimental essence among the population.

Back in the 90’s when people welcomed scooters in India; the scooter industry manoeuvred a monopoly over its sales. Apparently, for scooter fans, the entry of motorcycles with fuel-efficient engines made sure they win over the scooter’s popularity. In fact, bikes began dominating the two-wheeler industry overpowering the demand for scooters and sales almost came to a standstill. The scooter segment was nearing oblivion.

Emerging the New-gen 125cc Scooters

With the advancement of technical knowledge and skills, manufacturers have realised the fact that the country needed modified and automatic non-gear scooters. This thought marks the entry of Honda Activa fifteen years ago. After the massive popularity of Activa, we are now reaching to a moment where bikes have not only grown exponentially with sales but have been claiming the throne overthrowing motorcycles. Since then, Honda has become the country’s highest grossing scooters. The success of Activa crossed the iconic Hero Splendor’s sales figure. According to a survey, 25% of the duration of the year 2014-2015 have seen remarkable bike growth whereas; Honda Activa came up with a staggering 30%.

 Scooters on a Roll

A fascinating phenomenon is a rate at which scooters are making the cash counters flow, the future of 125cc scooter seems to be secure. By far, Activa is the only scooter that has been selling steadily beating other two-wheelers. It comes under the list of top 10 best selling scooters in the Indian market. Alternatively, this is a clear indication that other two-wheelers are yet to establish themselves among the Indian population. However, what we can say is the scooter industry is not yet entirely out of danger, because there is no guarantee of trusting and depending on a single brand. On the other hand, all other motorcycle brand has made its way into people’s heart, and moreover, premium motorcycle brands are experiencing an expanding growth.

If the companies want to save the future of 125 cc scooter in India then with time they must transform their product portfolio. They must develop new generation scooters which are economical and have good returns. With this let us now explore how the customers reciprocated the new Vespa. Vespa returned in the Indian market in the year 2012 with the LX125 model and was released with a premium price range. It has gained recognition and rose from a single model to a four-model lineup. The price starts from INR 70,000 going up to INR 80,000 for the limited edition. Vespa is one of the most selling costly scooters. However, it is more than the expensive Honda Activa model which is priced at INR 52,000. This is the difference between the Vespa old models to the Vespa’s LX model.

Nonetheless, with the rising popularity and sales figure of Vespa, it is understood that India’s demand for niche scooters in India is not entirely dead. This demand is warming news for scooter manufacturers as it is the sign of growing and mature market that is capable of accepting products which are expensive in comparison to its competitors. In other words, there is an enormous demand for high-end scooters among the people of the second highest populated country. With the Vespa’s metallic designs and powerful engine, the customers are expecting improved 125cc scooter.

A New Dawn for Scooter Industry is Awaiting

The amount of technical engineers India posses, it is just a matter of a few years, that one day you get up and witness a new two-wheeler brand marking its release. Therefore, we can proudly say that the future of 125cc scooter is not bleak because aspirations are fostering development and Indian two-wheeler companies will never let its people down. The scooter market will grow and will make sure it has a holistic marketing approach keeping in mind the new generation’s demands.


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