Virat Kohli is a team leader and his numbers have proved in past and now. His aggression towards the game and his team for winning is always argued about, what he has to say about this, as Indians and cricket lovers we all need to know. Kohli is the hero of many hearts and role model for the youngsters as they look upto him.

“Aggression is the expression and passion for winning” says Virat Kohli the star and soul of cricket. The aggressive approach on the field is good or bad?  The constant aggression is good or bad influence on young cricketers is a question.

In his press conference  held in Australia, cricketer Virat Kohli mentioned that aggression is only for winning being a batsman or sitting on bench and cheering the team as his sole motto while leading his team is to win the game.

But the ball tampering incident that led to cricket Australia imposing bans on its captain and vice captain Steve smith and david warner, the Australians have a different reaction. Australians are masters of sledging opponents with their sharp approach and biting verbal volleys. Both Kohli and Australians have almost the same approach behind their aggression which is to win at any cost.

How can we forget the “pack of wolves” Ricky Ponting’s team which played on the very same approach of winning?

Kohli, as we all know, is the MACHO man who is not shy of a fight and is aggression personified. His level of cricket says it all.

If Kohli has been Australian his aggression would have welcomed with open arms and heart. This would never be a topic of debate, but who other than a Australian can show aggression on the field as its their trademark.

This question was asked by the media for obvious reasons to make this a news. We must not forget the situation at the field which also lit up aggression which we are unaware of. The aggression sometimes is just on field and later they are in great talking terms as players.

It has been noted that coach Rajkumar Sharma, who plays an indispensable role in shaping Kohli for what and where he is today, says that his aggressive approach towards the game reminds him of former captain Saurabh Ganguly, added to the statement, but he should also learn the ropes from Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Just like any concerned coach, Sharma is also aware that aggression should be blended with caution which is a hallmark of a good captain.

Every individual has a different style of managing the situation but that doesn’t make their game to be questioned. But equal balance is the mastery which comes with time.

Cricket is the recognition that some aspects of this vital game are so essential and needs to be related to its past before making the point that gives it substance.


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