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Enchantrixto is an initiative of Late Mr. Pradip Pal and his vision is carried forward and put into action further. It is an unique blog platform where you can access loads of useful and valid information on trending and interesting topics on multi-niche:-

Our content is based on thorough research from valid sources like – Nationalized News Papers & Media Outlets, Expert Speaks, Government Websites & Agencies. Every content published on us goes through intense Quality Checks on terms of Quality, Validity, Uniqueness by our in-house Editors. We completely discourage Fake and Incorrect content. Our Aim is to offer our readers content that can create “difference in their lives” and not only provide knowledge. So, Explore Us, Feel the Magic and Stay Enchanted!

You can also sign up, select any niche and write blogs or articles or reviews on any topic of your choice. Post-approval and publication of a blog, we will Certify you for your effort. You can also earn a Badge, and Monthly Exciting Rewards for your writeups. We provide you a platform to use it in your own way without much restrictions and help you build your writing portfolio here.  Adding to this we offer High Quality Content Writing Services to clients.

What can You Do on Us?

Access to Loads of Useful and Verified Information 

Access to loads of useful and verified information on trending topics associated with various niches which may impact your lives. Such information can be helpful in various ways – Improve your Lifestyle & Health habits, MBA Exam Preparation Tips, Education Tricks, Information on Technology Trends, Fitness Tips & Trends, Gadgets Information, How to Stay Healthy in this Pandemic and many more!

Become an Enchanter &  Social Media Influencer

You can write blogs on any niche with a nice catchy Bio and become a Social Media Influencer through your words. The Bio will help you to draw attention of more readers on your blogs. You can edit and modify your blogs and also share them on any social media platform post-publication. The published blogs can also be shared on any other domain/website/blog platforms with a Disclaimer about us. So, why waiting, join Enchantrixto and start your writing journey here!

Comment and Share Your Ideas on Trending Topics

Signup for free and review our blogs with your own experiences, views, and ideas. Your ideas and reviews may help other readers in some way or the other and will encourage new learning. A top idea or comment on a topic will not got un-noticed!

What can You Expect from Us?

  1. Loads of helpful, useful, and valid information on various niches & topics which may impact your lives.
  2. Quality Information after intense Quality Checks by our internal team.
  3. A Client – centric approach.
  4. On-time Payments (if any), Certificate for Contributions, and Exciting Rewards for Writers.
  5. High quality Content Writing Services for clients. We have already completed one project recently and looking for more.

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