7 Proven Ways on How to Concentrate on Studies for long hours

In order to achieve good marks in every exam, you need to properly concentrate on studies. Honestly speaking, it is not always possible to concentrate on studies for long hours as you may face different types of distractions.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss seven scientific measures which will help you to improve your concentration, and eventually, you will be able to concentrate on studies for long hours without getting distracted.

Moreover, we will also discuss how to get concentration in studies while studying at night without feeling sleepy.

Top seven measures which will help you to concentrate on studies for long hours

In this section of this article, we will show you the top seven scientific measures which will help you to concentrate when you are unable to concentrate on studies. So everyone who is having difficulties in focusing on education for long hours must thoroughly follow all the methods which will be given below.


  1. Convince yourself properly to study for long hours

This is an essential measure that you have to take before trying to concentrate on studies because if you start dreading the session before even beginning, there are fair chances that you will fail to learn and memorize things to your true potential.

Concentrate on studies
Believe in yourself that you can study for long with concentration

Therefore, you must tell yourself that it is not that big a deal and that you can always rest later after you are done with your studies.

2. How to get concentration in studies – Identify the best time of the day

Everyone has specific hours of the day when they can give maximum concentration on studies, so you must identify your peak hours of the day and try to utilize it so that you can get the maximum result out of your time. The peak hours are different for different individuals, so you must accurately identify them.

how to get concentration in studies

3. Take adequate rest

This is probably the primary measure that you should take in order to concentrate on studies for long hours. You must have an adequate sleep so that your body, as well as your brain, can continuously generate new cells.

how to concentrate in study
Take some rest at your home or outside

Usually, if your body is well-rested, you can effectively study smartly, as long as you want to. So, having an adequate sleep the night before is crucial to your mental as well as physical stamina needed to study for long periods of time.

4. Exercise regularly if unable to concentrate on studies

You must exercise right before you sit to study or in between when you are taking a break. It will significantly boost up your energy levels, and you will feel more alert and agile. However, you must avoid doing strenuous strength training, like lifting heavy weights or high-intensity cardio.

5. Take short breaks regularly

unable to concentrate on studies
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The best way to study for long hours is to take 10 to 15 minutes to break every 1 to 2 hours of study. And a 30-minute break every 6 to 8 hours. Usually, the average span of attention for human beings is approximately an hour.

6. How to get concentration in studies – Try to avoid too much food

A large amount of energy in your body is wasted during digestion. So, to avoid feeling tired or dizzy while studying, always eat foods that are easily digested. You should consume more carbohydrates and proteins, along with plenty of water and fruit juices.

how to get concentration in studies

However, avoid fried food, fats, and sugars as much as possible and also try to avoid cold drinks or junk food from outside.

7. Always try to learn by writing down the lessons

It is a proven fact that writing things down makes it easier for you to commit them to memory. Anyone can try writing the notes to learn them better, as writing allows mental recitation as well. Moreover, there is no way you can sleep while writing, so that is an added advantage and will surely keep you going. This is how to get concentration in studies.

Concentrate on studies

How to Concentrate on Studies at Night

If you want to study at night, you need to follow certain measures which will help you to concentrate on studies during the night time. In this section of this article, we will explain to you all the steps one after the other.

1. Try to keep a low-intensity task for the night

You should generally keep easier and exciting stuff for the night because at night you are running low on energy and hence you will usually feel frustrated on encountering challenging thing.

Concentrate on studies

2. How to get concentration in studies: Study in bright light

In order to concentrate on studies during the night, you need to make sure that you study in bright light because studying with only a table lamp makes the environment cosy, which can make you feel sleepy. Similarly, if you study in a dimly lit room, you will likely feel sleepy.

3. Avoid comfortable settings while studying at night

While studying at night, try to avoid comfortable areas like a bed or sofa as by doing so, you may feel sleepy. You should always prefer a chair and table if you want to concentrate on studies for long hours during the night time.

4. How to concentrate in study – Keep body parts in an alert position

If you keep on studying in the same position for long hours, then you will surely feel lazy and tired. So, the moment you start feeling drowsy and tired, get up from your chair and move around in your room.

Keep Yourself Alert at Night
Keep Yourself Alert at Night

Moreover, you may also study while walking around your room at night because it has been observed that studying while walking not only helps in avoiding sleep but also enhances concentration.

5. Take a short afternoon nap

A short afternoon nap would help you to avoid sleep during studying late at night. So if you want to concentrate on studies during the night time without feeling sleepy always try to keep a short afternoon nap in your routine.

Take a Short Afternoon Nap
Take a Short Afternoon Nap


As promised at the beginning of this article, we have explained how to concentrate in study for long hours. Moreover, we have also mentioned different measures which will help you to get a concentration in studies at night.

So all users who are unable to concentrate on studies must thoroughly go through all the measures which are discussed in this article.

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