Is Happiness a Habit? Learn 5 ways to be Happy

Remember you always lived around people who just seem to be happy all the time? No matter how they are, they just keep themselves glad and positive always. This is the essence of happiness. Yes, I have seen people who are always cheerful and no matter how they are, they make others happy all the time. Is it really nice to be encircled with people who always speak positively? Yes, I just cherish those people. Have you doubted whether they were just born that way? Yes, it is. Everyone is born to make others delighted and easy-going.


Being happy all the time is always interesting and fun. But, why don’t we pursue that? It is possible; we are all born to laugh. The thing is nothing, but how we visualize our mentality.

Happiness lies in everything. And so, choosing our ‘ Happiness Spectrum ‘ is significant. I have always seen two aspects of people around me: One who is always happy; One who is always unhappy. This might look reasonable and probably it is if you have noticed people around you.

Happiness Lies From Within


Happiness is just a journey and not a destination. But do you think so? Yes, it’s simple. I am the kind of person who always believes to enjoy each and every minute of my life. I just think about the present and not worrying about the future. So, this is applicable to each and everyone who expects to make themselves happy every single day. Also, I keep developing happiness as a habit to ensure that I am not losing my pretty smile every day. This can make the best remedy for someone to be happy and positive always.

 “If you do not enjoy a moment, you lose it forever. If you enjoy it, it is yours forever”. This is one of my favourite quotations and I do follow this every single time. This makes me happier, happiest, and much more.

Everyone has come across some obstacles, hardships in their life. But, thinking about it and upsetting yourself is not going to help you in any way. Personally, when I think about my negatives, I automatically remake myself in directing on my “Happiness Habits”

I am pretty sure that we can make our journey entirely awesome if not our destination. I truly speculate in that.

What Makes Me Happy?

The definition of the term happiness is varied for all souls. But for me, satisfaction is celebrating and living in the present. Likewise, it is different for each one of us. Some might think happiness lies in food, loved ones, travelling, etc. It’s obviously according to their introspection. What do I do to make myself happy and to keep myself optimistic? Yes, this question arises to every individual. Come let’s look at what makes the happiest person.

1) Love Yourself for Happiness

‘I’ is my happy place. So, what is yours? One of the main keys which makes yourself happy is by loving yourself. Self-love begins with oneself. Do more of what makes you happy. For me, it’s always writing poems, pouring out words from my heart in a plain empty paper, cherishing the beauty of nature, writing blogs, eating chocolates, etc. Doing stuff like these can satisfy me.


Find out what you love doing and put it in your list. This is the best way you can discover your joy.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

2) Choose Friends Wisely for Happiness

Choose companions who constantly keep encouraging you and talk positively. Enclosed by this sort of society can change your mood and you will always have an optimistic mentality.


For me, I have a few friends who always keep me energizing, encouraging and who always speak positively. This makes me more confident and I start admiring myself further. If you are surrounded by people who always speak negatively by not encouraging, not supporting then it might obviously affect you. And you can never be a happy person ever. Rather, try living with people who drag you to better.

“You can’t live a positive life with negative friends”.

3) Accept what can not be changed

Don’t haunt around why life is so unfair! Instead, focus on how you can control your reflections about it. It fabricates in the manner we prepare our mind on how to move a better life.

Credits – Nojoto

“You have power on your own mind”.

I constantly keep recollecting myself to realize who I am, so that makes me happy. People around me always ask, how are you always smiling and making others smile? This is so natural to me. It’s not complicated for me or for you. I make others happy to make myself satisfied. I am satisfied because I make others happy. Looking at the smile of others can also make you happy. So, try not to focus on what is unfair, rather acknowledge how to make it better.

4) Happiness-Don’t Hold Grudges 

Happiness cannot be built within you if you carry jealousies. What will I do in this place? I personally just forgive and forget. I never hold bitterness with people because I just pass over at that moment. So, if one has so much grudge and negative aspects towards a person, this might not carry happiness in you rather brings more burden and delinquency to people. And automatically leads to sorrow.

Happiness - Never Hold Grudges

Try not to hold grudges which can only make you more of an unfortunate person. Let stab all your grudges, and focus more on positivity and good aspects of life.

Grudges do not harm the person against whom you hold such feelings, they are just eating at you”.

5) Kill Them with Kindness


Scientifically it is proven that being kind with others can make you happy. So, why don’t we follow this?

Don’t expect people to be kind with you. Rather, find a relief being kind towards them. When I feel low, I just chat with people to make myself delighted. This is one of the best ways to seek happiness within you.

Kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, and kindness in giving creates love and happiness”.

Make Your Mind A Happy Place for Happiness

Abraham Lincoln said that “People are happy as they make up their minds to be”. And this is one of my most favourite quotations. And I believe it to be valid over and over again. Now, after all, the only thing which can make you happy is when you decide to be happy. Make happiness a habit to live a significant life.



Author – Rithika Chandran, Follow her on Instagram

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