Asthma can cause you uneasiness and can take your comfort far away. You tend to feel depressed and get anxiety, its different with all age group but a cure depends on your eating habits and performs the routine exercise. Basic symptoms of asthma are difficulties in breathing, chest pain, cough and wheezing. The symptoms may boost person to person, cough can occur in the middle of the night and causes severe uneasiness, fast breathing, frequent respiratory infections, rapid breathing or shortness of breath at night. Chest pressure, flare, anxiety, early awakening, fast heart rate, and throat irritation are its part.  Even after being aware of all the possible symptoms, people don’t realize that they are suffering from asthma. How do you know that have Asthma? Examine your nose, throat, use a stethoscope to listen to your breathing and when you are able to hear high pitched whistling sounds is when you know that’s the major sign of Asthma. This can be cure or under control by yoga, the symbolic mudras can help you heal and make you fell much better depending on the Mudra’s practice.

Mudra’s are symbolic gestures in hinduism or buddhism which is mostly performed by hands and fingers while other involve entire body.

Asthma mudra relaxes the muscles that line the respiratory tract and offer relief for asthma difficulties. There are 5 types of mudras hasta mudra or hand mudra, mana mudra or head mudra, kaya mudra or posture mudra, bandha mudra or lock mudra and adhara mudra or perineal mudra. Yoga mudras balance the essentials five elements which are fire, water, wind, sky and the earth. Yoga mudras can help you heal from head to toe with its regular practice. Also avoid fish, soy, tree nuts, peas, egg, milk to avoid asthma, as all these food items triggers asthma. Just few changes can lead to a better lifestyle.

Here are the five best mudras which can help to deal with Asthma.

Hasta mudra:

Hasta mudra is a hand gesture used in hand yoga and is symbolic. Hand mudra can be practiced seated, probe, standing or even walking. The hand mudras are the more common in YOGA, there are also head, postural, lock and perineal mudras.

This particular mudra helps you in Asthma life changing for Asthma attacks, its takes always the uncomforted feel and shows immense improvement over a span of time. The right way to perform this mudra is to bring you both palms together and place the middle finger bend downwards as shown in the picture, hold the mudra for about seven to ten mins. You must perform this mudra on daily basis for better and effective results.


Bronchial Mudra:

This is also known as asthma mudra and it can help in relieving mild asthma attacks and when practiced on a daily basis can help to get relief from the regular symptoms.

This mudra helps in healing bronchitis and chest congestion and is a miracle for Asthma. The right way to perform this particular mudra is quite simple, take your hand and open up your palm and now take your crap your little finger and place at the base of your thumb and place your ring finger at the upper thumb and your middle finger at the thumb pad. While three fingers are on the thumb, take your index finger and leave it in between not placing it anywhere as shown in the above picture.


Surya Mudra:

Surya mudra is a hand gesture that increases the fire element and eliminates the earth element from body, it is also known as agni vardhak mudra, here agni means fire OR prithvi shamak mudra which means earth.

This mudra helps in curing severe cold and nose blockage, performing this particular mudra in any way of standing or sitting is possible. Take your palm in front of your chest facing outwards, now turn the index finger inside with the help of the thumb as shown in the picture, perform this mudra on daily basis and keep it for at least 15 mins.


Linga Mudra:

Linga means to dissolve and move on, this particular mudra energizes the body and improve intuition.

This Mudra will keep your windpipe clean from phlegm and keeps your respiratory system intact. Take both your palm and hold your fingers in such a manner that all are intertwined with each other. Point your left thumb upwards and intact that with your right thumb, encircled properly against it. Keep the folded hand near your chest. Stay in the same mudra for 15 mins, you can practice this thrice a week.


Prithvi Mudra:

Prithvi mudra is a symbolic gesture of the hand often used in Ayurveda or a spiritual yoga practice to promote healing. Prithvi means Earth.

This mudra is a great help for those who have low immune system and this mudra also increases the earth element in your body. It is quite easy to perform and results are visible in few months, all you need to do is practice on regular basis. Sit comfortably in padmasana or vajrasana or on chair as per your comfort, allow the ring finger touch your thumb and apply little pressure while doing so. You must practice this mudra for good health.


These few Mudra’s will keep your body fit and soul fine. Practice them on regular basis and lead to a healthy asthma-free life. Nourish your body and it will pay back.


Neha Gandhi






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