The joy is in the air when Durga puja is about to start, people all over the country starts the pre-celebration with shopping and getting things ready for goddess Durga so that they don’t miss out on even the smallest moment of joy, Durga puja  is not a festival it’s a birth of oneness and togetherness, where all relatives and friends meet and cherish the joy. Pre-planning this festival is so beautiful that you don’t want it to get over, there are different ways of celebrating it like what outfit to wear, what to eat on which day and what to gift to whom and that’s the beauty of this festival.

The feel of the festival is all around the corner of the city Kolkata, where you see maa durga all over. This feeling can only be felt, the mesmerizing idols of maa Durga will bring a tear of joy in your eyes and you would never want to let this feeling go. When you look in her eyes, its divine and you can’t get enough of her beauty. The artists flaunt their talent in the idol of maa Durga and you can feel the connection with it. The splendid décor of pandals will make you stare all over.


That’s the elegance of Durga and the celebration of her presence.

India is known for its culture and festivals and out of all the festivals Durga puja is the one festival which believes in the power of woman and celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the country.

It is mainly celebrated in West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Assam, Tripura, Bangladesh and the diaspora.

Durga puja is celebrated for the winning of good over the evil and celebrated with joy and togetherness.

According to Indian mythology, goddess Durga is also referred to as SHAKTI which means power. She defeated the evil mahishasura who was blessed not to be defeated by any God or man but Goddess Durga is believed as self sufficient and reservoir of energy who defeated the evil. It symbolises women empowerment.

As Durga puja is the favorite festival of Bengali community, Durga puja is the most popular festival in India. People not just in India, even abroad worship their goddess with love. This festival is celebrated with excitement and sweets.

Durga puja is celebrated in the month of September or October according to the calendar. Huge celebration and joy is amongst the people of especially West Bengal and also other parts of India.

To celebrate Durga puja mostly all the office and educational institutes are closed. Relatives and friends exchange gift and enjoy the festival together. People like to shop before and during the festival and there are lighting all over the city, it actually looks so mesmerizing.

Traditional Bengali food is made and served, sweets are the attraction of this festival. Also, many stores and brands offer heavy discount during Durga puja, as a lot of people buy gift for friends and families. The joy of this festival can be smelled in air.

It is also celebrated by many cultural communities in USA, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Kuwait and other countries.


Appearance of maaDurga

The beautiful maaDurga with her ten arms looks amazingly radiant and her one sight isn’t enough, you would want to see her again and again.

There are nine different form of Devi’s or goddess who are worshiped in nine different days of Navaratri. Durga puja starts on the 5th day which is known as maha panchami.

Nine goddess are: 

  1. Durga shailputri
  2. Brahmacharini
  3. Chandraghanta
  4. Kushmanda
  5. Skanda mata
  6. Katyayni
  7. Kalratri
  8. Maha gauri
  9. Siddhidatri

Every goddess has its own significance and powers, all these nine days they worshiped soulfully.


Making of Goddess Durga idol

Decades back Durga puja was celebrated within the families at home and later turned into a big festival, celebration is taken place in community pandals where people come and celebrate the joy together. Few months before the Durga puja celebrations are started, the shapes to the goddess idols are given. The experts show their talent and make beautiful idols. These idols are then kept in local shops of Kolkata and different states of India.

India is full of talent and this is the time when artists depict their talent is best possible way and give beautiful shape to Maa Durga like every year.



Splendid décor

The main attraction after goddess idol is the pandal decoration. The pandals are decorated beautifully and gracefully. Huge stage is made for the goddess and decorated differently keeping the theme in mind. Mostly all pandals look quite different according to their setup and lighting . Some are taken up with traditions, colourful lighting and some play with the concept of history of bengal and its culture, people stand in queue for a glimpse of Durga maa and the décor of pandal.



How Durga puja is celebrated?


Durga puja is celebrated similar way as Ganesh Chathurthi is celebrated in Maharashtra, people gather to enjoy and cherish the festivities.

  • Maha Panchami:On this dayauspicious festival begins with zeal all over country, people staying anywhere in the world who follows hinduism is fond of this festival and celebrate the festival.
  • Maha Sashtmi: pran Prathishta is performed as in giving life to the idol of maa Durga.
  • Maha saptami: on this day before the puja starts the navapatrika takes place, in this all nine planets, banana, turmeric, pomegranate , arum plant, paddy, colocasia and bel are worshiped.
  • Maha Ashtami: It is one the most significant day of the celebrations, sandhi puja is done on this day and people keep fast.
  • Maha Navami: Its the day when maa shakti is referred as mahisasurmardini which is believed to be annihilator of buffalo and this is the last day of the festivities, puja start to begin with Shodashopachar and mahasanan.
  • Vijaya dashmi is the day when maa Durga goes back to her abode and this very day women offer vermillion on Goddess and each other.

Time to say goodbye to Goddess Durga and seek for blessings. Also the joy of bringing her back next year again with enthusiasm, begins!








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