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The sparkle all over, glitter in eyes, beauties wrapped in silk, dazzling homes, lightened sky, pink winters, sweets offered and gifts cherished, yes you...

10 Habits of Couples in Strong and Healthy Relationships

What results in a strong and passionate relationship varies from pair to pair. Building a good-natured and concrete relationship involves effort and time. And...


Is your big day on its way? Yes! Wow, you need some action, as in plans! Are you confused what to explore, where to...

7 ways how artificial intelligence is creating jobs and not killing

In today’s world, most of the company and industry are impacted by artificial intelligence through automation as well as machine learning. These things have...

The top 10 biggest fitness and work out trends in exercise

The trends of fitness come and go every year but here we are going to tell about the top trends of fitness in 2018,...

10 ways to cure depression and anxiety

Depression, as well as anxiety, is the common experience for most of the people. Depression and the anxiety both are the common mental health...

10 Ways To Cure Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifelong disorder that strikes millions of characters globally. Independent circumstances can cause astigmatism, kidney malfunction, heart attack, and other severe ailments....

Bollywood Weddings 2018

Anything relevant to the biography of a celebrity person is sturdy enough to manage the headers of its communications or a journal and who...

Durga Puja

  The joy is in the air when Durga puja is about to start, people all over the country starts the pre-celebration with shopping and...

Where does the revived #metoo movement of India stand?

Several new allegations made by women across industries are flooding social media exposing eminent men of the society October has become a month of the...
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