Check the Sony WF-XB700, a cool TWS earbud at an amazing price!


Sony WF-XB700The TWS earbuds market has seen quite a few launches in recent times. But none of the products is completely flawless. Sony has recently launched the truly wireless earbuds which is Sony WF-XB 700. The product comes at an affordable price of Rs. 9,990. But will the Sony WF-XB 700 will be a great buy at this price? Let’s explore with this review to find an answer on this.

Sony WF-XB700 earbuds

The Sony WF-XB700 earbuds are truly a combination of wireless freedom with a bold and distinctive look. Hour after hour of listening comfort is ensured by its Ergonomic design. The product has a stable and reliable Bluetooth connectivity. The product is also said to be sweat-resistant and is equipped with EXTRA BASS.

A Bluetooth chip which can transmit sound simultaneously to the left and right ears and the optimised antenna design ensures a stable connection and outstanding listening. Low audio latency supports enjoyable viewing too. The portable charging case help both in protecting the earbuds and also charges the buds while travelling, the case lets one enjoy 18 hours of music playback.

How do we use Sony WF-XB700?

Here, I will share with you how do we use the Sony WF- XB700. Well, the buds are well built and fit into the ear nicely. But one has to adjust the buds nicely so that they fit well into the ear and one can start using. The buttons on the product apart from letting us play, pause, stop or skip through the tracks, also helps to adjust the volume. One can also use these buttons to use the smartphone’s voice assistant and make and receive calls hands-free.

A simple button press of the Sony WF-XB700 would connect the users to their smartphones’ voice assistant to get directions to play music or get connected to their contacts. The left bud button increases the volume, and pressing and holding it, the volume can be decreased. As for the right bud button, a single press will stop or resumes the audio. While the double click will move forward and take users to next track. With a triple-click, one can move back to the previous track.

The built-in microphone helps the conversation to flow freely. Thus, an easy hands-free calling without taking out the smartphone from one’s pocket. This is how do we use the Sony WF-XB700 to enjoy great music and effortless handsfree functions.

Sony WF-XB700 specifications and features

The Sony earbuds come loaded with great features. So, here I will share the Sony WF-XB700 specifications and features in details.

  1. Long Battery Life – The earbuds are available in two distinct colours that are black and blue. The product has a long battery life and quick charging ability, which means, one can enjoy up to 18 hours of listening because of the handy charging case. But if the power drains off, then 10 minutes of quick charging gives up to 60 minutes of music playback. In general, without the case, the Sony WF-XB700 will deliver 9 hours of battery life.
  2. Great Design for Comfort – The Sony WF-XB700 is ergonomically designed to make contact with three different points of the ear for a secure, comfortable fit. The ergonomic design is for a secure and comfortable fit, and easy hands-free calling and voice assistant gives the product an edge against all competitors.
  3. Sweat Resistant – The product has an IPX4 water resistance rating that means one can keep on using the earphone as long as they want as splashes and sweat won’t stop the working of the earbuds. One can find the perfect fit for their ears with 4 sizes of hybrid silicon rubber earbuds to maximise sound quality and minimum outside noise.
  4. Superb Sound Quality – Among the various Sony WF-XB700 specifications and features, the Extra Bass is one of the most favorite features. As everyone’s favourite bass lines never sounded so good, the feature would enhance those lines with power and punchy low- end sound. The 12 mm driver unit to produce great bass.
  5. Great Connectivity – It enhances one’s daily life with its specific features like EXTRA BASS for deep, punchy sound, and also a wireless design with Bluetooth wireless technology. The product is compliant with Bluetooth 5.0 and also support the AAC codec. The Bluetooth frequency response of the product is of 20Hz to 20, 000 Hz (sampling frequency: 44.1kHz).

Please Note – The Sony WF-XB 700 specifications and features do not include DSEE HX, and passive operation and NFC.

Things that could have been better – The capsule-shaped charging case does not possess a great build quality. It is about 46gm (It can be charged using a Type-C cable though). The buds are not touch-enabled either and seem a little heavy and bulky though the company claims them to be just 8 gm.

The comfort aspect is good but not excellent. One has to be a little patient to get used to Sony WF-XB700. If the earbuds are not properly locked inside the ears, they may pop out. No noise cancellation feature is present but nevertheless the silicon buds provide good passive noise isolation.

The sound quality is good if not great even at outdoors and overall conditions. Several genres of tracks sound decent but heavy instrumental tracks are little lag in this aspect. Similarly, the call quality at outdoors could have been little improved. The button function also could have been simpler.

Sony WF-XB700 price

Well, the Sony earbuds with such mind-boggling features are truly a takeaway product. The Sony WF-XB700 price is Rs 11,990, while in amazon it costs Rs 9,990.

Checking all the features what I found is that the product is a good choice at a price of just Rs 10,000. The build and sound quality are overall pretty good in all environment. Most TWS earbuds lack sound quality and battery life even at Rs 20,000. But the Sony WF-XB700 packs up with all features that too under a very affordable price, which makes it so special. In Amazon, it gets a 3.9 rating out of 5, I will also give this product a 4.2 rating. The product is available online, so if you want to enjoy good music and great features, get this product soon.

Know About Sony Before Buying

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation whose headquarters is at Konan, Minato, Tokyo. The corporation owns the world largest music entertainment business, the largest video games business and the second largest video games publishing business. It is also one of the leading producers of electronics for the consumer and professional market. It was also ranked 97th in the Fortune Global 500 list of 2018.

Sony India Private Limited is the Indian subsidiary of Japan’s Sony Corporation headquartered at New Delhi. The main business of Sony in India includes Marketing Sales and After – Sales Service of electronic products and software export products like LCD TVs, Video and Digital Still Cameras, notebooks, business projectors, etc.

Sony has set its footprint across all major towns and cities in India. It has a distribution network of over 10400 dealers and distributers, 270 exclusive Sony outlets and 23 direct branch locations. It has also developed a network of 270 Sony centres and established 30 warehouses across the country to manage its supply chain effectively.










Best watch

Top 10 Best watch brands for women under 20,000

Watches are one of the most desired accessories for women. It is also a symbol of prestige, class and style. These days we necessarily need to look at our cell phones to check the time. Yet, still, there’s no denying the style and refinement that a legitimate wristwatch brings. An extravagance timepiece is an essential adornment for each lady. They are refined and magnificent and hotshot your character.

With such a large number of watch brands to browse, it well may be trying to understand who offers what. Continue perusing to find the well-known watch brands for ladies and how to locate the perfect timepiece for you. Not the entirety of the best looks for ladies needs to accompany a compelling cost. A few watches depend on their old fashioned usefulness and configuration to be sought after or attractive. So, here comes the list of top 10 women’s watches in India below:


Omega is an amazing brand that attacks your bank, yet does it in style. It’s got history. England’s Royal Flying Corps picked Omega watches in 1917 as its official timekeepers for its battle units. It is “the most popular extravagance brand” on this planet. It’s not very showy and has an engaging great look.

Best watchThe hands-on this Women’s Constellation silver dial watch are thick however end in a pleasant adjusted point. The face is hostile to intelligent/glare and its likewise scratch confirmation. This is a tough amazingly all around the manufactured watch that is additionally entirely agreeable to wear. It can be changed in accordance with most wrist estimates by altering the number of connections utilizing a pin instrument.

1. The mechanics of this watch is trusty Swiss quartz development.Expensive watch
2.  its water safe up to 99 feet



At the point when you consider extravagance watches, Cartier in a flash strikes a chord.  It is viewed as the pioneer in the field of imaginative extravagant watches since 150 years. Cartier is a Parisian organization and the one that made one of the principal pilot watches on the planet. The watch is an excellent blend of vintage style and the indestructible tarnish look.

cartier watch

  1. They keep their value like appreciating gold.
2.  They are recognized as vintage timepiece legacy which will last a lifetime when maintained properly.



Every woman needs a signature watch, and nothing says sophistication and timeless elegance like a Rolex. These iconic Swiss watches are incredibly stylish, luxurious, and durable, with a sense of prestige that’s second to none. The brand combines technical precision and durability with chic design. These timepieces have also been through some of the harshest conditions. Think the highest point of Mt Everest and the profundities of the sea; they are worked to last.


1.     They make a great first impressionTheir structures are a traditionalist when contrasted with other extravagance watch brands.
2.     They hold their value well
3.     They are built to last
4.     They provide very precise readings



Since 1837, Tiffany and Co. have been the world’s head gem specialist and America’s place of the plan. Also, their scope of extravagance watches is immaculately built with Swiss-made developments and parts. These quartz and programmed watches set horology up for life.

Tittany Watch

1. They are very attractiveExpensive as a jeweller as it
2. They don’t live up to the rarified standards.




This quartz multi-work watch includes a 34mm steel and rose gold PVD case. The silver spirographic dial highlights rose gold-tone hands, a striking red seconds hand and day and date sub-dials. The rose gold applied records loan new womanliness to this timepiece, while the downplayed earthy coloured calfskin lash gets everyone’s attention. Put, Fossil is not a luxury watch brand. Their products are just beautiful; they don’t live up to the rarified standards by which we judge luxury watches.

Best watch

3. They are very attractiveNot a luxury watch brand
4. They don’t live up to the rarified standards by which we judge luxury watches.



Swiss watchmaking organization Rado was established in 1917 and is an image of everlasting quality and individual style. Considered as strong, suffering, excellent, and inventive, this extravagance watch is viewed as a “Watch forever”. Rado is a watch brand each classy lady should possess. The Rado True, an all dark clay watch by Rado is an ageless marvel we love. Straightforward plan and multifaceted craftsmanship make this timepiece one of a kind. The excellent dark dial of this timepiece has gold-conditioned hands that demonstrate the time.

Rado Watch

1. It’s a fitting adornment for both formal and easygoing clothing.Classy Watch
2. The scratch-safe watch
3. The pioneer in the assembling of high-artistic watches

Top 10 Watches for Men under 20000

Watches are one of the most desired accessories for Men. It is also a symbol of prestige, class, and style.

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