A guide about the latest Microsoft product: Windows 11

What is Windows 11

Windows 11 is the new version of Microsoft OS, which will release soon in 2020. The new concept comes with the most modern operating system known in the history of Microsoft. It comes with a complete rethinking of Windows. Additionally, it comes with better personalization and can be in sync with all types of devices.

Overview of Windows 11 

Windows 11 can create multiple windows accounts and you can quickly switch from one desktop to another. Earlier, the software systems were present locally on your computer, now all of them stored in the cloud, and it allows for regular updates.

IT giant Microsoft has plans to merge the modern user interface with the desktop. In simple words, Microsoft products allow advanced UI applications to run from laptops and desktops seemingly. Take the ‘window mode’ and link it with the Start button and not on the screen start menu. The majority of the work began during the launch of 8.1 windows versions, and subsequently, tests happened for Ms Windows 11.

Windows 11 release

The answer to the question on windows 11 release date is tentatively on 1st July 2020. Subsequently, it will be available for public usage. As per many reports, it may release by the latter half of the year. Microsoft was on to design and develop this windows version for a long time.

Windows 11 features 

When Windows 10 entered the market, people sulked over its features and had a 50-50 review. Some said that it was better than the previous eight versions. The others expected more. Well, with Windows 11, it is sure to come loaded with a lot of features.

  • Exquisite Start Button: The rumour surrounding the disappearance of Start Button in Windows 8 created a lot of noise and controversy. There is a concept that the Windows 11 version might have some new and exciting features in the all-decorated Start Button.
  • Excellent User-Interface: As a matter of fact, version 11 is a flexible deployment of Windows 8, but you must stress the word soft. Microsoft will never harm their new release, and we believe they will not bring up some tremendous noticeable changes.
  • The Bing integration: Sources say that Microsoft has a tie-up with Bing, and therefore Windows 11 is no exception. You can witness many other changes in this version. There is room for opportunities in the next version of Microsoft Windows to integrate search option into the OS
  • Azure, the new cloud storage: We believe Microsoft will continue to push Azure to be their cloud storage partner. Moreover, they can also integrate portions of the OS in the cloud storage.
  • Stable and better power management: Well, most windows OS comes with stable power management these days. Microsoft had announced for better battery back up in the last few press conferences. It already did a great job with 8 and 8.1. It is evident that Microsoft will make 11 OS more power-efficient, and will be the best Microsoft product to date.
  • Enhanced gesture features: Gesture integration seems relevant in today’s generation. We expect Microsoft to take a few innovative steps in incorporating these features in Windows 11. Using gestures will be a great achievement and will make windows 11 a great OS.
  • Enhanced security: We believe that security features in Windows 11 will include fingerprint and face recognition. We have always seen that Microsoft is always concerned about its security with its earlier products as well. But we may new things on this front as well!
  • Xbox integration: Windows 11 gathered all the games that ran on Xbox and created a universal friend list over an activity tape. Each device will come with an installed Xbox application.

After discussing the features that are good to go, we will like to inform you of something. Microsoft has earlier disclosed its notable plans to endorse Windows 11 in the corporate realm for the users. This concept is the ‘Windows Software Assurance program.’


According to CEO Microsoft, ‘Windows is significant for us.’ It is the very first step for making new-gen Windows when compared to the other previous releases. The general computers will be able to focus on 200 billion sensors. This time Microsoft developed an OS that can operate everywhere. The latest version brings excitement along with high expectations.

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