12 Ways To Earn Money Online that will Amaze You!


There used to be a time, roughly a decade back when nobody understood to make and upload videos on a platform like YouTube. Now, it has become a full-time job. But with the increase in the use of the internet, YouTube has become a way to earn money online. The craze of social media, making videos has gone to the next level. But does it mean only uploading videos? I’m sure a lot of people must be curious about how to earn money online, and what are the ways to do this.

The topmost ways to earn money online

There are numerous ways to earn money online. But, you need to choose the right ways to make you the best amount of profit over time. While there are infinite ways to earn money online, some of those might be fraudulent. Therefore, I am taking you for a ride to know about the best apps and online portals to earn money. Stay tuned!

1. YouTube Earnings From Google

Google Adsense is the content creator that creates a platform that publishes ads on any video content or web content. It is the most traditional and well-known means to earn money online. There are many kinds of ads that you will find advertised on videos produced by content producers. And for every view/click, there is a specific portion of the ad income that belongs to the creators.

So, the ads that you see in between videos while browsing, a share of that ad money primarily goes to YouTube content producers. The payment is something between $1-8 per 1000 views.

Apart from this, YouTubers also know how to make money via YouTube Red. It is primarily an ad-free $10 a month YouTube approval. Thus you can also get access to some YouTube live shows, like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. But, this facility is only available in some countries like the US, etc.

Earn money online

2. Platforms Like Grapevine Logic, Famebit Revfluence

These platforms are the place where content producers meet several influencers or marketers to collaborate. This collaboration helps in creating promotional content. It’s an excellent method for creators to get good deals and vice versa for business people to discover proper content producers. Brand ventures are the soundest method for content producers to earn money while speaking about goods or services that they can convince their audience to buy or subscribe to.

In most of the cases, particularly for micro-influencers, there’s a lot of hurdles, so the probability of victory is low. Still, you have to keep working and personalize your offerings; as you never know what may go well with the sponsors. It often serves great for lifestyle vloggers more than others but needs a lot of time, energy, and persistence. Furthermore, in India, methods like these aren’t as familiar yet. But this an innovative way to earn money online.

Earn money online

3. Direct Brand Sponsorships

Sometimes, if the content of producers or the demands of their fans reconciles with brand terms or brand prices, the producers get payment in return. They just need to speak about those brands, services, or goods. It is essentially a step ahead than shout out in trade for any product or service. It is a comprehensive form to earn money online through an advertisement for sponsors/labels/organizations. And it helps producers in the expiration of their content production by scoring better for their video applications.

4. Income Via Affiliate Links

You can easily signup for affiliate marketing programs with Alibaba, Amazon, Shein, etc, which provides your custom links to their goods. Once signed up, the custom links can appear in groups on YouTube videos, blog columns, or any site. Thus, from there, you can encourage viewers to invest. If someone buys merchandise through your link, you get a percentage based on the rules and regulations followed by these platforms.

Earn money online

5. Selling Content On Sites Like Shutterstock

If you are a Youtuber, primarily a travel vlogger, you are making a lot of videos during a journey. Here’s where the platforms like Shutterstock will benefit you a lot. You can sell your pictures, videos, and stuffs like that as a contributor here. In return, you will receive payment for this. Again, it’s a marketplace, so there’s conflict. But, you keep sharpening your skills, study about video making, and how to seize the right angles and all. Start shooting in 4K and get that remarkable shot. And who knows, you may earn money online considerably by selling your content.¬†

Earn money online

6. Freelancing Services

You could further do freelance through your channel. Since people will find your circuit first, make sure the channel specification states that you give freelance services. Like, if you are a dancer, you could specify availability as a choreographer for marriages and family gatherings. If you do yoga wellness videos, you could share yoga tips and services in your town. You can also write blogs, or you can do anchoring for any program or show as a freelancer.

7. Patreon

Patreon is a co-operation that encourages content producers by managing a membership market for your fans; it’s like a subscription-based Kickstarter for content producers. Fans pay some amount for any videos or webcomics. After that, you start getting paid in turn for each new release. Thus this platform encourages content creators in the method.

Earn money online

8. Merchandising, Branding, and using YouTube as a Business Launchpad

Various YouTubers have also utilized YouTube to further grow their flourishing careers as Musicians, like Justin Beiber and Shirley Setia. Some Artists like Kanan Gill and even writers like Lily Singh (aka Superwoman) have also used YouTube to significant effect! There are numerous such cases of how someone used YouTube and adopted it as a launchpad to earn money online. 

YouTubers also trade custom stock for their users on various gateways, websites, or e-commerce platforms. Custom merchandise (also known as “merch”) could be T-shirts, hoodies, cups, DIY kits, keychains, etc. For that to happen, first you must establish a healthy community that can embrace you and associates with you (and would eventually drive them to purchase the custom merch).

9. TikTok

TikTok, a trending app for producing short video content, has turned out to be a common platform to earn money online. The main idea behind it signifies influencer marketing. With the help of this, people can inspire others and can make money by applying their TikTok account. If you desire to choose this method of making money, here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Step 1:¬†You need to create a single TikTok profile. Deem of producing content that others will like and follow continuously. Your maxim of creating a TikTok account should remain building followers as much as feasible.
  • Step 2:¬†You need to choose such music or ideas that are common on the web. You can research some successful social media portals to know the aspect of your target audience.
  • Step 3:¬†You can also link your YouTube, Instagram, and other accounts with TikTok. That will assist you in building the audience to reach out to your TikTok content.¬†
  • Step 4:¬†You need to be sure that your content approaches a broad range of internet public. If you do this, luckily, your views plus engagement count will become doubled, driving up your organic traffic.
  • Step 5:¬†Like Twitter or Instagram, make sure to add relevant hashtags that you are applying to increase the visibility concerning your videos.
  • Step 6:¬†After you make the right amount of follower base on your account, you can be requested by brands and companies to highlight their product or merchandise on your content. Typically, brands offer payment to influencers concerning their advertisement.
  • Step 7:¬†You can likewise get in touch with celebrities or other influencers concerning your content. It will further encourage you to get people’s awareness when it comes to your videos.

The steps mentioned above will not just help to get followers on your profile but also allow you to earn money online through promotions.

Earn money online

10. Kindle eBook

If writing novels motivates you, one alternative you can apply is self-publish eBooks plus paperbacks by Kindle Direct Publishing. You can reach millions of users on Amazon. Publishing requires less than 5 minutes, plus your book arrives on Kindle stores globally in 24-48 hours. You can earn money online about 70 percent royalty on selling to clients in Canada, US, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Mexico, and so on.

Earn money online

11. Starting your website

There is sufficient material accessible online to assist you to put your website together. It involves picking the domain, layout, templates, and the entire design concerning your site. After it is ready to sustain the visitors by the applicable content, make sure to sign up for Google Adsense. It will then appear on your site and snapped on by audiences that will help you to earn money online. The higher the traffic you notice on your site, the higher will be the possibility of better earnings.

12. Web designing

Not all company proprietors happen to be tech-savvy. However, the need of the hour signifies to own a personal website. Those who possess the skill for all- things- technology, particularly relevant to websites, can assist small firms in building their sites and earning money online from it. Coding and web designing happen to be essential components in establishing up websites plus one of the best ways to earn money online. Moreover, websites require maintenance and might require daily updates, which might add to your revenue. Based on the customer and work, your profits increase. 

Earn money online

Final Verdict 

For any YouTuber, their wealth and revenue come from a mix of unique techniques to earn money online. It also depends on how entrenched they are on YouTube and what style of content do they produce. It is unquestionably not all sweet as it may appear on the screen. The process takes patience and substantial time to materialize your effort into revenues.

Download the app YouTube from here

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