In today’s world, most of the company and industry are impacted by artificial intelligence through automation as well as machine learning. These things have brings concerns that this artificial intelligence is in trends and replacing many jobs but let me tell you that when you will start working on the technology that teaches you to learn about different machines and all. Anytime our society can experience the advancement of the technology so, we really need to be prepared for it i.e. we need to change the way which we live to work. Today’s if we are going to imagine the look of future jobs then it is really difficult to find the actual look of the future job with artificial intelligence but let me tell you that our future exists with artificial intelligence. Let me tell you one example of it, a person is sewing his clothes by their hand, and one person is sewing his clothes with a sewing machine. So, what is the difference between them? The work is the same but becomes easier and faster so, it does not kill the jobs but if creates the ways through which the same work can be done faster and easier. So today in this article we will discuss that how the artificial intelligence is creating job but not killing it.

1) Machine learning opportunities

Yes, it is right that artificial intelligence creates many opportunities to learn the machine. Many of the products like the cars that drive themselves, robots, the computer that can able to diagnose skin cancer, speakers, thermostats etc. you can learn the artificial intelligence machine learning even online. When the application is expanded for artificial intelligence then it may be created the shortage of qualified workers in this field but when you are much qualified then you can be one of the best employees in the artificial intelligence because there are only a few potential employees with experience of training in the artificial intelligence.

2) Age never mind

We see many of the works are there where you need some age to do that but in the field of artificial intelligence the jobs do not depend on age but you really need to be technically talented to get the job in the field of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can change the lives but the transformation is only depended upon the availability of technical talent which is only a few in today’s life.

3) The employee needs to operate the machine

It never replaces the jobs as instead of replacing it, the human is needed to operate all those types of machinery and with the passing of time the shift, as well as job adapts, will be required in artificial intelligence. the is like artificial intelligence because it really replicated the way of our thinking especially in the application of machine, it is really very helpful in recognizing of the patterns, managing of the overwhelming of complexity, and when we handle the task with help of machine than it is really easier to understand those work and complete it in an easier way.

4) Challenges create more opportunities

Challenges in artificial intelligence have created many categories of jobs like trainers, explainers and sustainers. Trainers are those people who will teach the act of the artificial intelligence system, languages of the machines. Explainers will clear the use of the machine and can give more explanation to the workers who are from non-technology departments. Sustainers are the people who are available for the workers required who maintain all the troubleshooting of potential issues as well maintain the work of artificial intelligence.

5) Work depends on your skills, not on your gender, age or languages

If you are really very skilled in the technology field then you will be hired easily that does not mean that it killed the other job vacancy as if you are living in modern life then little knowledge about the different machine is really required. Many of the companies are there who hire the employee with soft skills and trained them in technical skills so that they are eligible to do work on that particular field. Many of the organization are there who trained the employee for their job instead of seeing the college degree and technical knowledge. so, it is really a great chance to learn something’s new and work on something’s new.

6) It created an easier and creative way for living

Technologies are really very useful in any work and it makes any work easier and creative. let’s take some examples from home, washing machine, mixer grinder, vacuum cleaner all are an easily applicable machine and make our work easier and takes less time to do the same work which we do without the machine. so, same things are happening in the artificial intelligence as the employee can works on these machine in an easy as well as creative ways so, that the employee can work without fear and can build many strategies that will be beneficial for everyone.

7) It helps to enduring jobs and vanishing tasks

Technical changes have also changed the nature of the jobs, earlier the person who can hold only the single job now with the help of the technology they can hold the different tasks in an easy way. The technology has replaced the role of the task like clerical and menial tasks but the machine never is good in problems solving tasks, interaction etc because it all needs common sense. The company needs to teach the new skills to their employee and the managing of the people, solving the unstructured problems are really impossible for the robots, we know many of the old tasks is disappears because of AI but many of the jobs are emerge and the jobs of future will depend on upon those tasks.

So, above we have listed that how the artificial intelligence does kill any job as because of advancement of the technology many of job is emerge that create more vacancy for the employee and even you can be multitasked with artificial intelligence.


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