In today’s world cell phones are as important as food, water, and shelter. As soon as we wake up, we look for our phone, we keep them mostly under a pillow or somewhere in bed. Is that a good practice? NO, NO and a big NO. While we use gadgets, we should be aware of their pros and cons. These gadgets have harmful rays and can leave us with some serious problems.

Here comes the 7 places where you should never keep your cellphone :

1) IN YOUR POCKET- you must never keep your phone in your pocket be it back pocket, front pocket or in your bag. According to research when your phone is kept in your pocket or purse the radiation count increases by 5 to 7 times and those harmful radiations can cause a tumor. Keeping your phone in the pocket is actually a rack up idea whereas most of the people around the globe prefer keeping phone in their pocket or their bag. After reading this you must know that it’s not advisable to keep your phone in your pocket.

2 ) CLOSE TO YOUR FACE- another mistake we perform in our routine life is that we keep our phone extremely close to our face, which is again a very bad idea as this allows the direct contact of bacteria from phone to skin and skin to phone. We must always use our left ear and place the phone little away from our face so that the harmful radiations are away from direct contact to our skin

3) UNDER PILLOW OR ANYWHERE IN BED- the most friendly place to keep our phone at night is under our pillow or we manage to find a place somewhere in our bed but are we doing it right? We know the answer is NO and WHY is the next question. The harmful radiations can affect your sleep as the LED light from the phone screen decreases your melatonin which in return disturbs your sleep quality. The number of radio-frequency radiations are as harmful as the radiations from the microwave. These waves are the basic cause of cancer.

4) EXPOSED TO SUN- phone shouldn’t be kept anywhere exposed to sun be it in the car, on the beach or anywhere in your house where comes the direct sunlight as this can make your phone battery explode as a release of chemicals are on higher end because of the excessive heat.

5) TODDLERS STROLLERS- this is one of the most unsound places to keep your phone as kids and phones are not great partners in any specified way. Parents do their best to keep screen time limited but unintentionally are doing the biggest mistake by keeping a phone near their kids or in their strollers where phones are exhaling the harmful radiations all the hours. This can result in behavioral changes in kids like hyperactivity.

6) UNDER YOUR INNER WARE-mostly women keep their cell phones under their bra which certainly is swelled mistake. Unknowingly this allows the chances of breast cancer and also the when phone vibrates can cause skin sensitivity and while the bra is sweaty, the chances of bacterial infection are also quite high.

7) ON CHARGE- you must never leave your phone on charge overnight as the phone hardly takes couple of hours to be fully charged and rest of the hours it is still plugged in socket which in return can harm the battery of your phone and that can cause short lifespan to your phone and you wouldn’t want that ever, would you?

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