Depression, as well as anxiety, is the common experience for most of the people. Depression and the anxiety both are the common mental health issues, and according to a survey, more than 70 percent of the adults are there who are suffering from depression and anxiety disorder every year. So, today we are going to share the top 10 ways through which you can cure your depression as well as anxiety.

1. Exercise

Exercise, one of the most important things which cannot keep you mentally healthy as well as it will also help you to keep you physically fit. Let me tell you that those people who do exercise daily in their life than they have experienced less depression and anxiety in their life and the reasons for less experiencing these two things in their life are:

* Stress hormones: when we do exercise on a regular basis it helps to lower the different hormones of stress.

* sleep: when you do exercise on a regular basis then it will improve your sleep and when we suffer from depression and stress the rest is getting affected.

* Confidence: exercise can feel us confident as well as more competent which is really very good for mental health.

So you can do any types of exercise like jogging, walking, dancing etc.

2. Consider supplements

There are many supplements are there who really works on the anxiety and the depression. So, let me tell you some important supplements which you can take to reduce your depression and anxiety.

* Lemon balm: lemon balm is really very effective for your anxiety as it has many anti-anxiety effects.

* Ashwagandha: it is one of the ayurvedic medicine which really helpful for treating depression and anxiety. many of the studies are there who proves ashwagandha as the effective medicine.

* Green tea: green tea increases the serotonin levels of the body which lower both anxiety and depression.

3.  Limit your time on Facebook

When we do lots of time on social media then we just ignoring the social loop from our life and this can create the great distraction from family and friends. When you just start yourself comparing on social media which can lead jealousy, insecurity, and feeling of inadequacy so, these things can increase the depressions as well as anxiety so, you really need to keep yourself away from social media.

4) You need to stop the living off someone else’s life

Is this life is yours? Really? If yes then you are not trying to complete your dream instead of pleasing your relatives, wife, and friends. This is your life, and how to manage it you can understand it better. So, enjoy your life and complete your dream because if you are going to please someone than it will cause depression and anxiety in your life.

5) Never compare yourself from others

When you start comparing yourself from others, then it really creates lots of anxiety and depression, so you really need to work harder as well as keep yourself more motivated. If you are focused on your betterment, on your own life instead of comparing your life from others, then you will be happy and successful in your life.

6) Pick any goal of your life

If you are selecting a goal, then you will focus on it no matter how much small your goal is?  But when you give sometimes to your goals, then you will always away from stress, depression, and anxiety. The person who has no aim or goals in their life they can feel things like frustration, depression, and anxiety in their life so, keep your self-involved in your goals.

7) Stop taking of caffeine

Caffeine works as the stimulant which is generally found in coffee, tea, chocolate as well as energy drinks. When you drink or eat the caffeine in high amounts then it can increase anxiety and depression so, avoid the caffeine. It’s all depends on every person as every person has the different capability to tolerate the caffeine so it depends upon people that how much caffeine can be tolerated by them. If you take caffeine in moderate amount than caffeine can also be healthy for you but its all depends upon the quantity which you take on a daily basis.

8) Write it down

One of the most effective ways to reduce stress and depression is the write the things down. You can write your thinking, mood, stories in your diaries which can help you to keep you away from stress as you sharing your things comfortably. When we share our things no matter, it is your diaries or any famous person in your life, but it will help you to feel you away from stress and depression.

9) Chew gums

When you really feel stressful life, then the chewing gums is really worked quickly and easily upon your stress. The people who chew the gums on a regular basis they have a really greater sense of well being and helps to lower the stress. The chewing gums cause the brainwaves as well as it really promotes the flow of blood to your brain. According to your study, when you chew the gums more strongly, then it will really helpful in stress.

10) Spend time with friends and family
When any people are really suffering from anxiety and depression, then it really will help to get away from stressful times. When you live with your friend, then you really feel the sense of belonging and self-worth which will really helpful in your tough times. According to the study it is found that the people who are more connected with friends and social loops then they have less anxiety and depression but who really have the less social connection then they suffer lots from anxiety and depression.

So, we have listed the top 10 ways through which you can throw the depression and anxiety from your life and live a healthy life.

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