10 gripping Indian Web series to watch during this pandemic

Television has been replaced by online shows now. All thanks to the melodramatic Indian serials which no one likes to watch now, especially the youth. They are well aware of the fact that it’s doing nothing but feeding the toxic mentality. Thus, stimulates negative behaviour amongst the viewers. And honestly, who wants to watch ‘saas-bahu’ dramas all their life. Also, during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is better to watch something refreshing and high on content. So, I thought of picking the best Indian web series and share the same with you.

Here are 10 of the best Indian web series to watch during Lockdown

1. Indian Web Series – Made In Heaven

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Created By: Zoya Akhtar

The Indian web series, Made In Heaven was a conglomerate of all the heavy topics we witness in our societal circle but choose not to applaud openly. With a shade of worthy amount of drama, emotions and lust, the web series was an eye-catching tale which one can never afford to be affected. With an exquisite display of all the characters, be it the flamboyant yet unsatisfied characters from the Khanna family or the upper-middle-class facing the pinch of society and monetary hardships or the lower class of family, struggling for money and class, yet acknowledged the various shortcomings of their life and lifestyle.

All the characters possess a unique portrayal of their flashy lifestyles and intriguing dissatisfaction, basking the hollowness we all carry with ourselves but very hesitant to admit it up-front, the dark secrets of infidelity, deep-rooted male chauvinism, the scary family pressure or the sexual orientation. One by one, every flawed reality in our lives has been kicked with a bang, forcing the audience to do nothing but admit it. In whole, this series on Amazon Prime gripped my attention and was indeed a must watch entertainer. It is one of the best Indian web series. You can watch the revies and ratings on this web series on IMDB

2. Paatal lok

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Created By: Sudip Sharma

As the story sets out, we are told that it is an allegory for heaven, earth and hell. The super-rich, corporate honchos, reside in heaven. We, ordinary human beings, just eke out our existence in mundane earth. But the most happening place is the hell in which the underworld operates.

All the shady and unsavoury characters belong to this hell or Paatal Lok. This web series deals with the situation where all three worlds collide and affect each other. This is a series that is not afraid to explore the everyday taboos and takes a bold, graphical approach to address issues such as caste, bigotry, transgender plights and even sexual violence. Paatal Lok is brilliance personified in terms of storytelling, acting and content. The portrayal of Hathi ram by Jaideep Ahlawat will be one of the most memorable characters. This is one of the most followed Indian web series. You can watch this Indian web series online.

3. Asur

Where to watch: Voot

Created By: Gaurav Shukla

Asur (Shubh – main antagonist) follows Nikhil Nair, a forensic-expert-turned-teacher, who returns to his roots in CBI from the USA. He follows his passion again. But soon finds himself along with his former mentor. Dhananjay Rajpoot caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a brutal serial killer. What follows is a blend of suspense, mythology and the murders of some people.

The script is very well organized, it roams around a serial killer who believes that if he kills people, then VISHNU incarnation as KALKI will come to end kalyug and start a new cycle called ‘satyug’. It’s dark, mysterious and a bit complicated. The story indicates that every man has a demon (ASUR) inside him and this series portrayed it beautifully with the perfect blend of mythology, psychology, murder mystery, karma, redemption, revenge, good and evil are all packed with our modern society with a strong message. I think Asur is the very first show which is being released on Voot India with a concept and story like this.

4. Indian web series on Amazon Prime: The Family Man

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Created By: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K

The Family man dwells in the world of Srikant Tiwari played by (Manoj Bajpayee) an intelligence officer, a father, a husband who juggles between his father duties and serving the nation. This is one the most liked Indian web series on Amazon Prime. The narrative is set in the backdrop of a dreaded plan of ISIS in India. Still, the show is not too heavy on the mind. Subtle comedy, different types of relationships, family bonding and issues have been so beautifully curated.

Talking about the acting proficiency of the cast, needless to say, Manoj Bajpayee is beyond words; he does justice to the role of a husband, father, employee and a friend. His character Srikant is definitely relatable. Indeed a perfect choice for the purpose. People may find that the series ends in somewhat of a cliffhanger, but I don’t have any complaints as the storytelling is superb and keeps you hooked throughout.

5. Indian web series: Special ops

Where to watch: Disney plus Hotstar

Created By: Neeraj Pandey

Special Ops is spy thriller Indian web series which revolves around a Senior analyst in RAW, Himmat Singh (K.K Menon) who believes that there’s an involvement of a mastermind terrorist leader among various attacks in India. He tends to manage his work with his personal life. But continuing the inquiry on the unchecked spending of the organization, Himmat Singh and his elite team of Special agents manages to expose the real identity of the mastermind. And later kills him which proves Himmat Singh’s theory to be true.

The series is one of best Indian web series on Hotstar kept me glued from the beginning itself as all the episodes are related to each other in a way that they leave a spark at the end of each chapter and brings in more suspense and thrill. The whole team has given remarkable performances. Hotstar is now levelling up in terms of new shows being released and getting the right appreciation, especially from youngsters.

6. Panchayat

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Created By: Deepak Kumar Mishar

Jitendra Kumar, who plays the role of Abhishek is the central character of the story, has just completed his engineering. In order to satisfy societal pressure, he grabs a nominal income job. Life constrained him to join a job as a secretary of Panchayat office in a very remote village in UP as he had no other choice apart from continuing the job and preparing for MBA. The story revolves around Manju Devi played by evergreen Neena Gupta and her husband Brij Bhushan, played by Raghuvir Yadav.

Manju Devi is the newly elected “Pradhan” of the village as her husband Brij Bhushan who lost during the election but is still famous among the villagers as the village is male-centric and women are still considered to manage household chores. One of the simplest, most beautiful and a heartwarming story from the hearts of Indian hinterland clearly showcasing rural life with absolutely no melodrama, this Indian web series on Amazon prime comes under my list of ‘favourite’ web series.

7.Netflix Indian Web Series-Taj Mahal 1989

Where to watch: Netflix India

Created By: Pushpendra Nath Misra

Taj Mahal 1989 is a Netflix series about comedy, drama and romance. The plot is set in Lucknow in 1989 and revolves around a number of characters with different takes on love. The series is a welcome and refreshing change from the usual crime-politics web series we have been bombarded with recently.

This show features in the top Netflix Indian web series list. The Indian web series handles its nostalgic theme well without throwing it in your face; you are treated to a little bit of Karamchand(first indian dedective show on dd national), a Rasna ad thrown in there for good measure too. Someone sells B-tex on a bus, and you are reminded of the good old days.

This best Indian web series deals with an enormous number of topics; firstly it shows you how teens have a perspective about love being materialistic and physical; later it drives you through topics such as minor politics, human trafficking, the middle-class society, domestic violence and society on divorce as well as prostitution. It’s a perfect series to start with if you’re looking for some change from the usual genre.

8. Netflix Indian web series – Ghoul

Where to watch: Netflix India

Created By: Patrick Graham

India in the near future, as depicted in Ghoul, is an authoritarian military nation, where the government has absolute sovereignty to do anything it pleases in the name of national security: people are rounded up on the slightest suspicion, detained indefinitely without an iota of incriminatory evidence, tortured, and even killed. Barbaric interrogation and techniques are prevalent merely because they belong to a certain community.

The minorities are forced to live in officially sanctioned ‘segregated zones’ and have to put up with repression, humiliation and discrimination, every step of the way. It’s a dystopian nightmare. In a way, Ghoul is a Netflix Indian web series that warns us about the future that inevitably awaits a society which chooses  ‘hate’ rather than ‘humanity’. The real Ghoul in the story is just a different word for hate, which was the real  Ghoul and resides in every one of us. Genre is horror and will definitely keep you in tacked on your seats.

9. Indian web series online: Leila

Where to watch: Netflix India

Created By: Urmi Juvekar

Leila – a dystopian drama Netflix Indian web series. This Indian web series mainly portrayed the search of a helpless mother for her daughter. But the actual story behind the whole series is even deeper than this. The series mainly showed how religious extremism could reach to the worst, and the nightmares of living in the wrong side of an autocratic state.

This show on Netflix is mainly based on the future time zone -showing what may happen in 2050. Well, advanced technology in parallel with the Water crisis, polluted air & water, women being treated like animals even in that time, everything is quite relatable as we are already facing it, heading towards it.

Huma Qureshi should be remembered for this outstanding performance as the main cast, and the other supporting casts were as brilliant as her. The whole series can be binge-watched at one go. Still, this Indian web series should come with a stronger warning due to its intense nature.

10. Indian web series Netflix – Delhi Crime

Where to watch: Netflix India

Created By: Richie Mehta

Delhi Crime needs to be applauded for its authentic, moving and very sensitive portrayal of the investigation into the Nirbhaya incident. The script is factual through a fictionalised version of the sad incident. It showcases the role of Delhi Police in capturing the culprits despite handling the nation’s anger, media’s protest, inner conflicts and political pressure.

This Indian web series Netflix shows how it affected the personal life of the officers involved in the case and what made them catch the suspects this faster. The role of the media is also being depicted here as to how they can make things right and also ruin things. A must watch for everyone out there. This show will make you start respecting the police for the relentless work they do. What is particularly worthy of appreciation is that it does and not bringing in melodrama or jingoism.

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Jaideep Singh Mann
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